Learn Spanish in Torremolinos

Skype Spanish lessons with a native teacher

COVID 19-REGULATION: you're more than welcome to attend to your lessons at our classroom in El Pinillo (Torremolinos). In such a case and, following the Spanish regulation, both, teacher and student, ought to have the mask on at all times and of course keep the social distance. This hinders the communication and general understanding. We strongly recommend that you take your lessons on Skype or  Zoom. Skype lessons are safe and equally profitable and effective as face-to-face lessons since you keep yourself more focussed and relaxed. Moreover, Skype offers many features that make even easier to learn a foreign language (i.e. chat to receive your exercises and record the new vocabulary, interactive whiteboard, and different background effects to keep your privacy) You can still learn Spanish from home or anywhere else keeping yourself healthy!

Learn Spanish via Skype lessons!

Spanish Skype lessons are ideal for those who have a busy lifestyle and limited time available to take face-to-face tutions. By Learning Spanish online with Skype, you can take your lessons anytime, anywhere. You only need a good   Internet  connection!

We provide online Spanish private lessons on Skype with a highly qualified experienced teacher. During your Spanish lessons online, you can improve your conversational Spanish, Grammar, Vocabulary, Business Spanish or be trained for the  DELE Exam.

Skype lessons are focussed on improving your pronuntiation, speaking, listening or any other skill you might need. Lessons will be supported by exercises and materials provided by  a  teacher of Spanish lessons in Torremolinos.

Why learn Spanish on Skype?

Skype Spanish lessons online can be taken from any location worldwide, which makes everything really comfortable and easy. Whenever you are (home, work or maybe on the beach) you will make the most of your time by learning Spanish online via Skype. Of course, all lessons are tailor-made according to your needs and goals.A part of your determination ;) you only need a computer/ laptot, tablet or Smartphone with Internet connection and camera. You were sitting from home, work or anywhere opposite your native teacher and a whiteboard.