Learn Spanish in Torremolinos

Learn Spanish in Torremolinos with a new concept!

Spanish lessons in Torremolinos is not a language school, but a group of independent native teachers who have taught for more than 15 years in the most prestigious and expensive language schools in Spain.

In 2015, we opened our private classroom in El Pinillo (Torremolinos) just 5 minutes walk from the train station. We are very proud to provide Spanish one-to-one lessons, twosome, etc.. with the same quality as the most expensive language school we worked with, but, of course, at affordable prices. We offer purely Spanish lessons in Torremolinos and Benalmádena, without the extra costs!

To learn Spanish in Torremolinos with this formula is just ideal, since you really can learn the language as faster/slower as you want because you will be always supported by a professional teacher who really understands your needs. For this purpose, we provide a large variety of Spanish courses in Torremolinos covering everyone’s needs, from absolute beginners to advanced levels.

Conversational Spanish

If you are looking for Spanish lessons to improve your conversational skills on daily real life situations, this is definitely your choice. Asking for direction, ordering in a restaurant, banking and much more, are part  of our conversational Spanish lessons in Torremolinos.

Spanish lessons in Torremolinos

Spanish lessons on Skype

No time for face-to-face lessons? Then, Spanish lessons via Skype are ideal for you. Wherever you are, home, work or perhaps on holidays, you can learn Spanish with a native teacher. Conversational Spanish, DELE preparation, grammar, business Spanish, etc.  are part of this kind of lessons. You only need a good connection to the Internet.

DELE preparation lessons

Do you need DELE Exam Preparation  in Torremolinos? This is not a problem. We can definitely meet these requests! Feel free to contact us and let us know your personal expectations! You will work with real material from previous exams.

Business Spanish

Spanish for business purposes are becoming very popular. You will learn how to efficiently manage yourself in professional situations. Business Spanish lessons are suitable for Upper- Intermediate students and above.